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About Scottish Government International Development Small Grants Programme

In 2013 the Scottish Government launched a three-year pilot of the international development Small Grants Programme, which is specifically designed to support the work of small international NGOs in Scotland who might not otherwise be funded through our larger mainstream funding rounds. The Programme was established to help grow the international development sector in Scotland whilst enabling them to help some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Grants of up to £60,000 are made available for projects lasting up to three years, and £10,000 for feasibility studies and capacity building work lasting up to one year.  The Small Grants Programme has continued beyond the pilot and now supports a range of projects.

Applications for the 2017 Small Grants Programme are now closed.  Any future funding rounds will be announced by the Scottish Government in due course.


Background Information and Criteria for the Scottish Government International Development Small Grants Programme: International Small Grants Criteria 2017

Information for Current Grantholders

Reporting Arrangements

A condition of the grant is that the Grantee shall keep the Scottish Ministers, via Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland, fully informed of the progress of the project. The requirement is to provide:

  • An interim progress report at Mid Financial Year: due in October (covering April – September)
  • An annual progress report at the end of the Financial Year: due April
  • And for Project grants, a final end of grant report.

The reports should include details of actual expenditure to date compared with the expenditure detailed within the original application form; details of the progress made in relation to achieving the outcomes as described within the application form; and information regarding the progress of the workplan.

The templates, which must be used for reporting purposes, are available to download here. The templates include guidance notes.

Interim progress report template

Project Grants templates

Project grant end of year report template

Project Grant evaluation additional guidance

Budget spreadsheet Project Grant

Feasibility and Capacity Building Grant templates

Feasibility Study end of year report template

Capacity Building end of year report template

Budget spreadsheet – Feasibility or Capacity Building

Changes to Grants

We appreciate that things can change throughout the duration of a project however it is important that you keep the Foundation informed of any significant changes promptly and not wait until the next reporting period. Some changes can be approved by the Foundation but major revisions may be subject to the written agreement of the Scottish Ministers, via Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland.

In particular, any budget variances should be reported to the Foundation as soon as possible.

International Small Grants Awarded 2017

Project Grants

Organisation Country Award detail Total
Youth for Economic Justice India, Madhya Pradesh For the “Business Women” project -building a roadmap for economic empowerment with marginalised young women residing in slum communities in Madhya Pradesh. £60,000
Balmore Trust Malawi For the “Developing improved Management of water resources in Karonga” project in Malawi.


Cerebral Palsy Africa Malawi For the “Fit for School” project to support young children with disabilities into school in Malawi.


Malawi Fruits Malawi For the “Inspiring Youth in Agriculture” project to promote farming business among young people in Malawi.


Big First Aid Project Tanzania For the “First Aid for Everyone” project – a motorbike ambulance service for Northern Tanzania. £58,259
Lake Victoria Disabled Centre Tanzania For the “3D Printing of Prosthetics and Orthotics” project in Tanzania. £57,670
Twende Pamoja Tanzania For the “ICT for Better Futures 2” project, working with 23 schools in Tanzania. £59,140
Friends of Chitambo Zambia For the project focused on communication and decision support systems for emergency medical care in Chitambo District, Zambia. £59,999
Total Project Grants     £459,169

Feasibility Grants

Organisation Country Award detail Total
Zambia Therapeutic Art Zambia To conduct a feasibility study to explore ‘Therapeutic Art’ as an alternative psychological intervention for those experiencing mental health issues in Zambia. £10,000
Total Feasibility Grants     £10,000


Capacity Building Grants

Organisation Country Award detail Total
Yes! Tanzania Tanzania To carry out capacity building focused on operational management systems and income generation and fundraising £9,988
Total Capacity Building Grants     £9,988

International Small Grants Awarded 2016

Project Grants

Organisation Country Award detail Total
Aiming Higher in Malawi Malawi For the “Critical Health Interventions for Disabled Children (Mulanje South West and Thyolo East, Malawi)” project £59,991
Haemophilia Scotland Malawi For the “Malawi Bleeding Disorders Project” to raise awareness and train 300 clinicians.


LUV + (Leprosy at Utale Village PLUS) SCIO Zambia and Tanzania For the income generating projects for leprosy communities in Zambia and Tanzania.


Scotland Malawi Business Group Malawi For the “Small-scale Hatchery Aquaculture Seed Production (SHASP)” project in Malawi.


The Turing Trust Malawi For the “Improving ICT skills in rural Malawi, powered by renewable energy” project. £60,000
Global Eco Village Network International Zambia For the “Greening Schools for Sustainable Community Development in Zambia” project. £60,000
On Call Africa Zambia For the “Establishing a model of CHW-led healthcare in Southern Zambia” project. £39,900
Youth Economic Justice India, Madhya Pradesh For the “Girls on the Move” project. £60,000
Total Project Grants     £407,515

Feasibility Study Grants

Organisation Country Award Detail Amount
Lake Victoria Disability Centre Scotland Tanzania To conduct a feasibility study: “3D Printing of Prosthetics” in Mara Region, Tanzania. £9,455
CREATIVenergie Tanzania To conduct a Feasibility Study: “Increase uptake of biogas to the currently excluded rural poor in Tanzania”.


Twende Pamoja SCIO Tanzania To conduct a feasibility study: “ICT for Better Futures” in Tanzania. £9,940
Aberdeen Multi Cultural Centre Bangladesh To conduct a feasibility study: “Sustainable Brick Manufacture, displacement of coal as the primary fuel by renewable energy” in Bangladesh. The award is conditional on confirmation that the constitution permits the organisation to undertake work overseas. £10,000

Capacity Building Grants

Organisation Country Award Detail Amount
Big First Aid Project (Scotland) Tanzania To carry out capacity building work to provide financial management systems in Scotland and Tanzania and income generation development in Tanzania. £7,992
YES! Tanzania Tanzania To carry out capacity building work to improve communications and marketing strategy in Scotland and Tanzania, as well as developing monitoring and evaluation.  This will include the development of a Theory of Change model in Tanzania. £10,000
Total Capacity Building Grants     £17,992

How to apply

Applications for the 2017 Scottish Government International Small Grants Programme are now open, with a closing date of 28th November 2016.  All applications which meet criteria will be assessed by Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland. The Scottish Government will announce the awards in March 2017.

Applications must be submitted on the relevant application form and applicants are encouraged to read the criteria and guidance notes prior to applying.

Please scroll down to access the application pack for application forms, guidance and criteria.

If you have any questions about the programme that are not addressed in the criteria document, guidance notes or FAQs, please get in touch by emailing:

Information sessions and useful contacts

NIDOS (The Network of International Development Organisations in Scotland) and the Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) are running information sessions for organisations interested in applying. Please click here for more information or to book a place.

Wednesday 5 October 5pm-7pm (Edinburgh)

Monday 10 October 5pm-7pm (Glasgow)

NIDOS and SMP both provide information and support for international development organisations. Their contact details are:

NIDOS 0131 243 2680

Scotland Malawi Partnership (for organisations with an interest in Malawi):

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study Guidance Notes 2017

Feasibility Study Application 2017

Capacity Building

Capacity Building Guidance notes 2017

Capacity Building Grant Application 2017

Project Grant

Project Grant Guidance Notes 2017

Project Grant Application 2017


International Small Grants Criteria 2017


Please click on the following link to download the International Development Small Grants 2016 Q&A, listed in order of:

  • General Eligibility Criteria
  • Partnerships
  • Application Criteria
  • Project Costings