Stephanie Rose

Job Title :
Investments and Communities Manager

Date of joining the Foundation :
July 2012

What the job actually involves :
I manage the Foundation's finances and investments and lead on development of our new strategic objective two, to reach communities that grant-making doesn't through innovative asset-based community empowerment. At the moment, that involves a lot of meetings, planning and being out of the office!

What you did before you came to work at the Foundation :
I'm an accountant. I trained in London where I worked for Deutsche Bank. Then I took a career break, moved back to Scotland and began to volunteer as a trustee for a children's charity. That made me realise I wanted to work in the charitable sector.

What you love most about your job :
The variation. I am fortunate to get to meet so many different people, hearing what they're doing and how that relates to what we want to support and achieve.

I love this sector and what we're trying to do at the Foundation to support it.

If you could change one thing about your job what would it be :

The gift of more time!

Something that your colleagues don't know about you and might surprise them :

I held the Scottish Junior Record for 100m freestyle jointly with another person for about 25 years. Yes, I'm a bit of a swimmer and no, I don't know who broke my record though I suspect Kate Higgins is now away to look it up.